Cleaning and Maintenance Guide For Post-Painted Aluminum Extrusions

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Proper care and cleaning of post-painted aluminum extrusions is vital for the longevity of the paint finish.

For buildings with painted extrusions, it is important for building owners to follow the paint manufacturers Cleaning & Maintenance Guide.

Here are  links for AkzoNobel’s Trinar® (70% PVDF) coating and Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

AkzoNobel Spray TRINAR® Brochure

AkzoNobel Extrusion Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Floline’s extruded aluminum canopy, the Marquee Classic, is post-painted with a 70% PVDF, which meets AAMA 2605 specification and offers a 10 year paint warranty.  This is “standard” for Floline.

Marquee Classic canopy

Marquee Classic canopy

About Floline Architectural Systems, LLC

Floline is a manufacturer of curved metal wall & roof panels, curved canopies, and flat extruded canopies.  In addition, Floline provides curved metal deck to the construction industry.





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